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The performance characteristics of the clamp
Views:2937 | Time:2012-02-28
Various types of hose interface fastening the essential connection accessories clamp mainly used for automobiles, tractors, ships, gasoline, diesel engines, Irrigation equipment, machinery and equipment, gas, heating hose interface ..

The installation of speed pipe fittings more than three times faster than the flange connection.
A fast without welding and re-galvanized. Screw-a small number of

Simple light than the flange, locking the ingenious mechanical design. Do not need the hole to lock.

(3) reliable tube-side pull strength, the clamps, gaskets, and the Department of the end of a pipe trench full circumferential compression. The test pressure up to 4.2MPa Temperature - 30 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, vacuum up to 0.08MPa can form triple leakproof washer designed for the C-type. The greater the pressure tube, sealing the better; washer fluid medium, pipe, temperature suitable choice of ring material.

Isolation shock-absorbing thermal expansion and contraction of piping also be affected; gasket can also absorb noise and vibration. Due to tube end gap can be effectively cut off the spread of noise and vibration. 20% of the total project cost savings over the flange connection,

Economic security to facilitate the project budget. Construction without power, oxygen, open flame. It can to ensure the smooth flow of the pipe. Connected after the pipeline, especially the fire sprinkler system is not other way connected rust clogging the pipeline equipment, a top spray.
6 the zero-pollution welding slag and destruction of the zinc coating and the coated layer due to the original installation does not exist.

Occupy less space and can be adjusted in any direction, angle, flange mounting space than the clamp connector for the 32 clamp fittings and accessories can be installed first. Piping at random.

. Maintenance convenient washable and replacement simply remove the two clamps, four bolts to facilitate the pipeline extension, replacement, direction of rotation. Uniform wear.