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The clamp relevant technical specifications
Views:3312 | Time:2012-02-08
Access the branch pipe bolted mechanical pipe fittings, mechanical tee, Stone is an innovative pipe connection system. No soldering directly connected from the charge of the branch pipe.

The way to pick up the drilled hole on the head of the branch pipe, factory equipped with a drilling machine, and the smooth surface of export to the assembly ring fittings to enable the flow to ensure maximum, while reducing the pipeline of local resistance, assigned to the washer.

Technical indicators

5min no leakage. The hoop strength to meet the requirements.

(1) negative pressure seal 0.08MPa

2 compressive strength of 4.2MPa when 30min negative pressure unchanged.

Leak rate ≤ 0.5 10-4MPa / S

(4) corner of the scope of ≤ 3.5 ° f = 35mm

Maximum pipe end gap 6mm

6. Reference GB8259 8260 8261-87 Ministry of Construction, urban construction industry standards and U.S. standards UL213-93 production.

GB50084-2001 automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing systems is proposed that the grooved clamp connection.