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Clamp connection information about
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Clamp connection is a new type of pipe connection, also known as trench connection, has many advantages. The automatic sprinkler system design specification, system piping connections shall be grooved fittings or threaded flange connection; system diameter equal to or greater than 100mm pipe segment with flanges or grooved connection pieces connected.
First groove connection to be a general introduction:
1, an overview
Groove Tube connection technology, also known as clamp connection technology, has become liquid, and gas pipeline to connect the most important technology, although this technology in the country's development time is later than abroad, but due to its advanced technology, and soon the domestic market received. From 1998, developed up to now, the development and application of only a few years, has gradually replaced the two traditional flanges and welding pipe connections. Not only technically more mature markets generally recognized, but also by the positive guidance of the national regulations and policies.
Groove Tube connection technology, the complex pipeline to connect the process to become a simple, fast and convenient. Pipe connections to a major step forward.
2, the connection pipe trench Profile
Grooved connection pipe consists of two major categories of products: (1) from the connecting and sealing the tube rigid couplings, flexible couplings, mechanical tees and grooved flange; 2 from the connection transitional role fittings elbow, tee, cross, reducer, blind board.
From the trench connecting the sealing function of connecting tubes are mainly of three parts: the rubber seal ring, clamp and locking bolts. Lateral rubber ring placed in the inner pipe is connected, and consistent with the pre-rolling grooves, and fasten the clamp outside of the rubber ring, and then use the two bolts fastening the can. Rubber seals and clamps with a unique seal structure design, making the groove connection has a good seal, and with the increased fluid pressure in the tube, the seal correspondingly increase.
3, the Groove Tube to connect advantages
3.1 operation is simple
Groove Tube connection operation is very simple, no special professional skills, the average worker can be operated through a simple training. This is because the product has a lot of fine technical parts to factory integration into to the finished product. A pipe fitting to connect a few minutes time, simplified the technical difficulty of the site operations, save time, thus stabilizing the quality of the project, improve the work efficiency. This is also installed to the overall direction of technology development.
Traditional welded and flanged pipe connections, not only need to have the appropriate skills, welding workers, and time-consuming, the operation of the workers is difficult, and there is the pollution of the welding fumes. Due to differences in the operating space and welding skills, welding quality and appearance are difficult to achieve satisfactory results, thus affecting the overall quality of the project.
In addition, due to trench pipe is finished, the small operating space needed by the scene, the real wall depend on the angle of installation, operation difficulty is greatly reduced, thus saving floor space, beautify the effect of pipe installed.
3.2 pipe the original features are not affected
Grooved pipe fittings to connect to only be connected to the pipe outer surface of the roll groove machine to squeeze out a trench, without disturbing the pipe wall structure, which is the Groove Tube to connect the unique technical advantages. If using the traditional welding operations, many done coating the inner wall of the pipeline will be destroyed. Therefore, the specification galvanized pipe, plastic-lined steel pipe, plastic composite pipe and so may not be used for welding and flange connection, or the need for secondary processing.
3.3 Construction Safety
Using grooved pipe connection technology, the site requires only the cutting machine, grooving machine and the button to tighten the bolts used to move the hand, to facilitate the construction organization. Welded and flanged connections need to be equipped with a power cable cutting machines, welding machines and oxygen and acetylene cylinders, which brought to the construction organization complexity, and the existence of leakage and fire danger in . Welding and gas cutting produced by welding slag, inevitably fall into the pipe internal piping valves and fittings and even the equipment to plug the easy to use, it also pollutes the water quality tube.
In addition, welded and flanged inevitable need a long period of high intensity, high-altitude operations, production safety accident prone.
3.4 system has good stability and easy maintenance
Grooved pipe connection has a unique flexible features, so that the pipe with anti-vibration, anti-contraction and expansion of capacity, and welding and flange connections compared to the increase in the stability of the piping system is more suitable for the temperature change, which to protect the piping valves and fittings, but also reduce piping stress damage to the structure.
Groove Tube to connect simple operation, the room for maneuver is small, has brought a lot of convenient conditions for future maintenance. When the pipe in need of repair and replacement, simply loosen the two clamp to any replacement, rotate, modify the section of pipe. Without damage to the surrounding wall, reducing maintenance time and maintenance costs.
3.5 Economic Analysis
Grooved pipe connections easy to operate, saving time and labor, so it has good economic benefits. Many articles have done the economic analysis, that the "clamp connection clamp single component prices higher, the overall efficiency of the entire pipe network installed above the flange connection. The article in contrast to the flange connection of secondary galvanized (according to specifications which is to be done).
4, trench pipe pieces to connect the scope of
Groove Tube connection as a state-of-the-art pipe connections, which can next set can also be buried, that steel joints, and flexible joints. It has a broad scope of application.
① points by the system: can be used to fire water system, air conditioning hot and cold water systems, water supply systems, petrochemical piping systems, thermoelectric and military piping systems, sewage disposal and piping systems;
② According to the pipe material: can be used to connect steel pipe, brass, stainless steel tube, plastic-lined steel pipe, ductile iron pipe, thick-walled plastic tube with a steel pipe fittings and flanges, hose and valves.
Followed by probably the trench to connect the process:
One, the installation process to prepare - grooving -> hole to install mechanical tee, Stone -> pipe installation -> system pressure test.
Installation Preparation 1. Check the tapping machine, grooving machine, pipe cutting machine, to ensure safe use.
(2) preparation of materials, tools, including pipe, steel tape, wrench, vernier caliper, a level, lubricants, wood hammer scaffolding.
3 hanger installed the pipe to be installed according to design requirements.
Grooving a steel pipe according to the required length with a pipe cutting machine cutting, use a level to check the incision section, to ensure that the vertical axis of the incision section with steel pipe. Incision if there are glitches, application wheel machine polished surface.
Will require machining grooves steel tube mounted on the tail grooving machine and roll groove shelves, level Level copied, so that the steel pipe in a horizontal position.
(3) processing of the tube end section close to the roll groove machine, steel tube axis and perpendicular to the wheel surface.
(4) slowly depressed. Jack, so that the pressure roller snapping steel pipe, start grooving machine, so that the wheel rotates one, this time to observe the steel pipe section is still closely aligns with the roll groove machine, if not snapping, you should adjust the pipe to the horizontal. If you have snapping, slowly pressing the jack, so that the pressure roller rolling steel pipe to a predetermined groove depth so far.
5 shut down, groove depth and width with a vernier caliper to check, make sure to meet the standard requirements, the jack unloading, remove the steel pipe.
Fourth, the hole. Mechanical Tee Stone on the pipe bomb ink lines to determine the location of the connector manifold openings. .
2 chain tapping machine fixed in steel pipe pre-opening position.
Start the motor, handwheel, so that the drill bit slow near the pipe, hole drill lubricant, to protect the drill to complete the hole on the pipe.
Shut down, shake the hand wheel, open the chain, remove the tapping machine, clean-up drilling off the piece of metal and cut parts of the residue, and the grinding wheel machine holes polished smooth.
Will clamp the pipe, pay attention to the mechanical tee with the hole concentric rubber seals holes gap uniformity and tighten the bolts in place.
6. For mechanical Stone, opening must be taken to ensure that the steel pipe on both sides of the hole concentric Otherwise, when installed, may cause the rubber ring ruptured, and the impact of water area.
Pipe installation in accordance with the principle of first load of large diameter mains, risers, installed after the small-caliber, in charge of the installation process must be continuously in order to install, can not jump loaded, segmented installed in order to avoid paragraphs and paragraphs the connection between the overall performance of the difficulties and impact of pipeline.
The pipes fixed to the supports and hangers on, and no damage to the rubber seal trap in a pipe end.
The second end peripheral smear lubricant steel pipe into the rubber ring, turn the rubber seals to make it in the interface to the middle parts.
Outside of the rubber seals to install the upper and lower clamp, sent and clamp knurled groove firmly compress the upper and lower clamp ear, position in the clamp screw, bolt and uniform rotation to tighten the nut. wooden hammer hammering clamp screw nut process used to ensure that the rubber seals do not wrinkle, Clamp knurled needs the whole circumference of the card into the groove.
(4) additional rigid clamp connector 500mm pipe supports and hangers.
System commissioning pressure pipe installed, should the system pressure test. Before the system pressure test should be a comprehensive inspection of the installation of the mounting bracket in place. Installed pipe may have a drooping, sagging curvature of the large additional support; radians, if smaller, when the pipeline pressure, curvature will disappear naturally.