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Note the time of the clamp connection
Views:3021 | Time:2012-01-18
A. The factors that affect the quality of the installation
(1) clamp without air hole, shrinkage cracks and other defects.
(2) of the ring material and performance must meet the requirements of the sealing surface may have defects such as bubbles, impurities, cracks, uneven, you can not use the aging of the rubber ring.
(3) snap ring inside the clamp moving distance theory to the measured output by half of the connector retractable, if not reach, you can not meet the pipeline stretching. In order to promote the card sealing effect, the factory clamp supporting left and right side tubes, the actual project should not use ordinary pipe directly instead of end of pipe, and end of the tube face and the vertical axis and the plane of the face itself necessarily require non-standard, size joint stretching greatly reduced, can not meet the requirements.
(4) pipe diameter size to choose a positive deviation, or the clamp seals the pressing force is not enough, affecting the joints sealed.

Installation Note
(1) To control the snap ring from end of pipe distance L. L control in conjunction with the manual, when the gap between the two side is best, to ensure that the card ring just stick incline.
(2) In the case determined by the location of the snap ring, according to the pipeline elongation and construction of the ambient temperature determined by calculating the size of the gap between the two side. The construction should ensure that the size of the deviation.
(3) the moving distance under certain preconditions, the clasp and the end of pipe welding weld height, width and snap ring plane and the side tube axis vertical error greater the smaller the stretching of the connector, use the worse the effect.
(4) when the side tube and snap ring welding spatter impurities affect the side tube sealed before installation to remove the sealing surface of welding slag, and to ensure the sealing effect.